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All Countries - Scott catalog listed stamps
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CountryScott#YearIssue/DesignFormatCat.CoverGradePrice (USD)
Norway27415oNorwegian PilotsSingle StampMNHVery fine$0.17
Norway29025oPetter DassSingle StampMNHVery fine$0.25
Canada315Royal Visit Elizabeth & DukePlate Block of 4MNHSuperb$1.00
Canada320Canada GoosePlate Block of 4MNHVery fine$0.80
Norway37545oAsbjørn KlosterSingle StampMNHVery fine$0.18
Canada380Canada National HealthPlate Block of 4MNHVery fine$1.05
Uganda38250kLocomotivesSingle StampMNHSuperb$0.50
Canada385Country Women of the WorldPlate Block of 4MNHVery fine$1.05
Norway38890oScandinavian AirlinesSingle StampMNHVery fine$0.25
Canada389Girl Guides AssociationPlate Block of 4MNHVery fine$1.05
Canada394Colombo PlanPlate Block of 4MNHF-VF$0.55
Norway42555oRye and FishSingle StampMNHVery fine$0.15
Canada436Jet Plane Ottawa AirportPlate Block of 4MNHVery fine$0.37
Canada461Alaska HighwayPlate Block of 4MNHSuperb$0.75
Canada473Canadian PressPlate Block of 4MNHF-VF$0.27
Canada475Toronto CentenaryPlate Block of 4MNHVery fine$0.27
Austria4781sRegular IssueSingle StampMNHF-VF$0.15
Canada507International Biologic ProgramPlate Block of 4MNHSuperb$0.32
Canada593Queen Elizabeth IIPlate Block of 4MNHSuperb$0.65
Canada610Blacksmith's ShopPlate Block of 4MNHSuperb$0.75
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