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All Countries - Scott catalog listed stamps
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CountryScott#YearIssue/DesignFormatCat.CoverGradePrice (USD)
British Honduras118661pvictoria blue-IMPERF 1 sideSingle StampUsedF-VF$35.00
Great Britain (Scotland)119583pcross&thistle-drk purpleSingle StampMHVery fine$0.03
Great Britain (Wales & Monmouthshire)119583pelizabeth2 drk purpleSingle StampMHVery fine$0.03
Iraq119231/2atree of life-ol grnSingle StampUsedVery fine$0.06
Ireland119221/2pgr.br.#159 ovrprtd-grnSingle StampUsedVery fine$0.45
Norfolk Island119471/2pball bay view-dp orgSingle StampMLHF-VF$0.08
Norfolk Island119471/2pball bay view-dp orgSingle StampMNHVery fine$0.12
Pitcairn Islands119401/2porange cluster-blu grn & orgSingle StampUsedVery fine$0.15
Saint Vincent Grenadines (Bequia)119841c1942 challenger class,u.s.Single StampMNHVery fine$0.05
Southern Rhodesia119241/2pking george v-dk grnSingle StampUsedF-VF$0.06
Togo118973pfgermany stamp ovrprtd blkSingle StampMNHVery fine$0.90
Turks Islands118671pqueen victoria-roseSingle StampMLHF-VF$10.00
Singapore1a19521cking george vi-blkSingle StampUsedVery fine$0.50
Australia219131pkangaroo/map type1-carSingle StampUsedVery fine$0.44
French Southern/Antarctic Territories2195650crockhopper penguinsSingle StampMHVery fine$0.05
French Southern/Antarctic Territories2195650crockhopper penguinsSingle StampMNHVery fine$0.08
Ghana219572 1/2pkwame nkrumah/vultureCTOSingle StampMHF-VF$0.05
Inini219322cfr. Guiana 1929-40 ovrprtdSingle StampMHF-VF$0.05
Iraq219231atree of life-brownSingle StampUsedVery fine$0.06
Ireland219221pgr.br.#160 ovrprtd-scarSingle StampUsedVery fine$0.45
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