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All Countries - Scott catalog listed stamps
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CountryScott#YearIssue/DesignFormatCat.CoverGradePrice (USD)
United States2321892Flag Ship of ColumbusSingle StampMHF-VF$15.50
United States2361892Columbian ExpoSingle StampMNHFine$15.50
United States2561894GarfieldSingle StampUsedF-VF$5.00
United States2861898Trans-Mississippi - FarmingSingle StampUsedF-VF$0.30
United States2891898Troops Guarding Wagon TrainSingle StampUsedAverage$4.75
United States290189810¢Trans-Mississippi - EmigrationSingle StampUsedAverage$3.00
United States290189810¢Trans-Mississippi - EmigrationSingle StampMHF-VF$35.50
United States2951901Pan-American Expo - TrainSingle StampMNHFine$10.50
United States299190110¢Pan-American Expo - SteamshipSingle StampMLHF-VF$67.50
United States299190110¢Pan-American ExpoSingle StampMNHF-VF$82.50
United States3241904Louisiana Purchase ExpoSingle StampMNHFine$14.50
United States327190410¢Louisiana Purchase Expo - MapSingle StampMNHFine$59.75
United States3701909Alaska Yukon Pacific ExpoSingle StampMNHF-VF$6.00
United States3721909Hudson Fulton CelebrationSingle StampMNHFine$1.50
United States3721909Hudson Fulton CelebrationSingle StampMHF-VF$5.35
United States3981913Pedro Miguel LocksSingle StampMNHF-VF$12.50
United States513191913¢Franklin, Apple GreenSingle StampMNHF-VF$6.00
United States5501920Signing of the CompactSingle StampMHF-VF$13.50
United States5501920Pilgrim TercentenarySingle StampMHF-VF$15.00
United States5711923$1Lincoln MemorialPlate SingleMNHF-VF$57.50
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