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United States - Stamps with catalog-listed errors
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Scott#YearIssue/DesignFormatCat.CoverGradePrice (USD)
8041939Misperf Error / EFO Mint NHSingle StampMNH$6.99
8061939Misperf Error / EFO Mint NHSingle StampMNH$9.99
8071938Misperf Error / EFO Mint NHSingle StampMNH$9.99
814Misperf Error / EFO Mint NH$17.99
825193820¢Presidential Misperf ErrorSingle StampMNHSuperb$17.99
8991940Precancel Misperf ErrorSingle StampMNHVery fine$8.99
1206Color Shift Error / EFO MNHSingle StampMNH$7.99
1281Huge 2-Way Misperf ErrorSingle StampMNH$8.99
1281Huge 2-Way Misperf ErrorSingle StampMNH$8.99
12821965Huge Lincoln Misperf ErrorSingle StampMNHVery fine$8.99
1291196830¢Huge Misperf Error John DeweySingle StampMNHVery fine$9.99
13061968Color Shift ErrorSingle StampMNHVery fine$6.49
13381968Huge 2-Way Misperf ErrorSingle StampMNHVery fine$12.99
13381968Misperf Error/EFO Group PairsHoriz PairMNH$12.99
13601968Misperf Error Change of DesignSingle StampMNHVery fine$12.99
13841969Reverse Precancel Image on GumSingle StampMNH$39.99
13921970Misperf Change of DesignSingle StampMNHVery fine$9.99
15041973Huge Multiple Color Shift MNHSingle StampMNH$12.99
15041973Double Impression / GhostingSingle StampMNH$19.99
1509197310¢Huge Misperf 'Crossed Flags'Single StampMNH$4.99
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